Alessandro Bostelmann and Witalij Frese


15.03.2024 – 26.04.2024

The individual within the vast cosmos of humanity is central to the artistic endeavors of Alessandro Bostelmann and Witalij Frese. In his manneristic and surreal-seeming paintings, Bostelmann highlights the absurdity of human existence trapped within the gravitational pull of societal constraints and stereotypical behavior patterns. Conversely, Frese dedicates his ceramics to probing the essence of physical existence and the accompanying drive for change. Both artists delve deeply into exploring physical reality and the ensuing quest for identity. In the exhibition Corporealities, the works of both artists are juxtaposed for the first time, engaging in a dynamic dialogue.

Alessandro Bostelmann
Room Cleaning Orgy, 2024
Oil on canvas
79 x 104 cm

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