Via Lewandowsky

Reparatur am Gedanken

08.09.2023 – 02.12.2023

Repair on Thought”
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Via Lewandowsky caused a stir with his collages and drawings from medical and scientific publications. His unusual image montages of bodies and objects describe states of being in absurd and surreal gestures, ultimately totalitarian visions of the future. With the beginning of the Ukraine war, Via Lewandowsky again deals with the motifs and pictorial landscapes that are a psychogram of social conditions. Then as now, the ideological certainties become a psychological pressure chamber in which the transformation of objective realities degenerates into a Kafkaesque nightmare. Seven motifs as screen prints, which become variants of a pictorial motif with ever new overpaintings, form the background for a staging with very different objects and drawings.

Via Lewandowsky
The Great Split, 2022
Siebdruck übermalt
89 x 123 cm, Edition 10
Bildrechte:VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2023

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