Unternehmerinnen IV

23.06.2022 – 13.08.2022

On display are works by female artists of different generations. Their works are reassigned in the course of the exhibition. Some disappear, some are added. Thus their neighborhoods, their references, their presence change. We look forward to the contributions of Britta Bogers, Anne Büscher, Jutta Burkhardt, Katharina Daxenberger, Angela Dolgner, Katja Felle, Nikola Irmer, Annette Lachenmann, Silvie Lampe von Bennigsen, Jiyoun Lee, Lucia Mirlach, Karin Peulen, Karin Rehdantz, Dagmar Rhodius, Esther Rutenfranz, Isolde Schmitt-Menzel (forthcoming), Sanne Vaassen, Katharina Weishäupl, Susanne Wiegner, Doris Würgert, and Anneliese Zenzmaier (forthcoming). Katharina Weishäupl’s installation will continue to grow during the exhibition. Doris M. Würgert has installed the works so that one hardly believes to encounter so many artistic positions. A work of art in itself.

Annette Lachenmann
Abstrakte Komposition „o“, ca. 1952
Acryl auf Hartfaserplatte
53,5 x 59 cm