Szilard Huszank

solo exhibition

09.09.2022 – 29.10.2022

Huszank shows new alienated landscapes or the landscaped alien. The boundaries between representation and non-representational motifs are fluid. And the viewer is perhaps already in search of opposites, of colors and forms, that mutually delineate each other. One’s view is redirected from the familiar—a branch, a stem, blossoms or leaves—to something different, alien, that evades its own language and world of imagination. For the viewer, the novel is simultaneously the foreign, the perceived that deviates from the familiar that one deduces and must fill with meaning. To be able to deduce the new, the viewer, for his part, must inevitably draw on the existing world of imagination from which it comes.

Szilard Huszank
ohne Titel, 2019
Öl auf Leinwand


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