Steffen Müller-Wöhr

„ursächlich“ zeichnungen - objekte - filmcollagen 2018

30.11.2018 – 12.12.2018

Visitung the wxhibition at BUNKER please make an appointment: or +49 174 3247993
Architekturgalerie München im BUNKER, Blumenstraße 22, 80333 München

For Steffen Müller-Wöhr, the Bunker building was the occasion to question this functional building and to deal with the causes that are responsible for a bunker construction. This led to the exhibition “ursächlich / causal”, a juxtaposition and opposition of drawings of organic structures, masses of people, collections and border lines, as well as various objects, pairs of forms naturally grown, arranged in mirror image. Simultaneous two-handed work with different techniques and materials such as graphite on paper, projections, objects made of metal, ceramics and glass were used to transpose and condense what had been seen, researched and felt. Film sequences and film collages document the drawing process and form an essential part of the exhibition concept, which makes use of the state of complete isolation from the outside world.



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