Silvia Benedito / Klaus K. Loenhart

Neue Atmosphären ++ New Atmospheres 

19.07.2021 – 23.07.2021

Exhibition with photographs by Iwan Baan and Daniele Madia from the two books presented, BREATHE – Explorations of our Atmospherically Interwoven Future, Klaus K. Loenhart and Atmospheric Anatomies: On Design, Weather, and Sensation, Silvia Benedito.
Our being-in-the-air shows that all aliveness cannot be separated for a moment from this most intimate and at the same time planetary form of atmospheric interaction and is by no means only contextual but constitutive for all life. This evening will explore breathing and the planetary atmosphere as highly vital leitmotifs for the design of an inclusive future in a new climate regime. In that regard, the atmospheric linkages of future societal activities will be traced. With this awareness of entanglement, the deeply performative characteristics of the air, atmosphere and climate are foregrounded and can be discovered as central agents in the conception and design of our planetary existence. Univ. Prof. Klaus K. Loenhart and Univ. Prof. Silvia Benedito introduce this thematic field in the context of the new publications of their books, in order to discuss with you the creative and social opportunities in a time of escalating global air temperatures.

Barragan, Atmospheric Anatomies, S. Benedito, Photo: Iwan Baan