Rita Rohlfing


12.11.2021 – 18.12.2021

Rita Rohlfing (1964*) lives and works in Cologne. The artist works across media with painting, sculpture, photography, video and installations. She masters the intimate small format as well as the large room installation that stages an entire building, e.g. the fine concrete brutalist building by Harald Deilmann, in which the Clemens Sels Museum in Neuss/G resides. Clarity in color, shape, space and materiality are just as important for her art as the concealment and surprise that only the attentive observer discovers. Rita Rohlfing is exhibited internationally. She is represented in well-known collections and with sculptures in public spaces.

Rita Rohlfing
reflecting, 2020
Öl auf Aluminium
60 x 52 x 3 cm (Ausschnitt)

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