The Responsive Eye’s First and Second Generation

12.09.2020 – 31.10.2020

Ludwig Wilding
Hans Schork
Jan van Munster
Martin Willing,
Siegfried Kreitner
Julius Stahl
Angelika Huber
Pfeifer & Kreutzer

The title of this exhibition alludes to the famous exhibition “The Responsive Eye” in 1965 at MoMA, which presented the “first generation”, i.e. artists of the 60s, who dealt for the first time with the phenomenon of optical movement, real or fictional. In recent years, a younger generation of artists has once again taken up the subject matter of movement, light and sound – the “second generation” that is addressing this forever fascinating topic.

Ludwig Wilding (*1927 +2010) belongs to the three inevitable “classics” of the first generation in this exhibition, who can certainly be described as the “forerunner” of this art movement in Germany. But Hans Schork (*1935), who is based in Munich, had also dealt with kinetics at an early stage, while the Dutch artist Jan van Munster (*1939) made “energy and perception” his topic in the broadest sense.

The “second generation” then consists of the younger age group, led by Martin Willing (*1958), Siegfried Kreitner (*1967), Julius Stahl (*1978), Angelika Huber (*1977) and the youngest as an artist duo in the group Anne Pfeifer (*1987) and Bernhard Kreutzer (*1986).
We are very much looking forward to this exhibition and hope to be able to start an art season with it, which will allow us to have more personal contact with you, our friends of the gallery.

The film for our current exhibition “The Responsive Eye’s First and Second Generation” is now online! ( The artist and filmmaker Bernhard Kreutzer put the game with the kinetics and the optical perception in the works of the 8 participating artists in the limelight. So if you haven’t had the opportunity to see the exhibition live, you can now get a first impression.

Galerieseite: Jan van Munster, in between, 1972/2017, Pulverbeschichtetes
Aluminium,, blau und schwarz, Magnet, 230 x 20 x 5 cm, 3 Exemplare
Foto: Michiel Vermet

HOME, Slider (Ausschnitt): Julius Stahl, Quader 2020 (Detail), Resonanzobjekt, zweiteilig, Draht, Aluminium,, Sinustöne, Elektronik, MDF, 130 x 300 x 5 cm
Foto: Julius Stahl

HOME, Reihung (Ausschnitt): Pfeifer & Kreutzer, Ground II, 2018, Kinetische Soundskulptur, Spiegel, Acrylglas, MDF,, Arduino, Zugfedern, 49 x 109 x 60,5 cm
Foto: Pfeifer & Kreutzer


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