Philipp Lachenmann


27.10.2022 – 31.01.2023

Already the exhibition titles DELPHI Essentials (2017) or now EVOLUTION (2022) point to a focus of his artistic engagement: Philipp Lachenmann reflects on our collective media memory culture. Through his interventions, he states and emphasizes images of “collective memory,” scientific conceptualizations, social developments, but at the same time he shakes up their supposed certainties, an apparent objectivity, a historical linearity of their emergence. Using the means of photography, video art, painting, and sculpture, as well as great intuition and knowledge of material function and its aesthetics, he juxtaposes artistic processes with cultural phenomena in parallel, shifts contexts, and reveals unexpected directions of thought.

Philipp Lachenmann
Mirror Painting “Bubbles” I, 2021
mixed media on canvas
280 x 190 cm

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