Martin Werthmann

Shock Waves

08.09.2023 – 16.11.2023

Martin Werthmann (*1982) is one of the most prominent living artists to make an intensive study of the woodcut as a genre. His monumental color woodcuts, printed on large swaths of paper, enchant through his radically new language of form and aesthetics, which privileges ambiguity and uncertainty. Werthmann’s most recent works are based on elements from photographs of brutality and war. In numerous superimposed layers, he translates them into the medium of the woodcut and creates images full of tension as they hover between beauty and violence. With a particular focus on the inaugurated Fraction series, this exhibition presents new monumental works on paper and sculptures for the first time.

Martin Werthmann im März 2023 in seinem Studio in Berlin
Foto: Urban Ruth Photography
Copyright: Studio Martin Werthmann

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