Landschaft Stimmung

Ein Stadtpark an der Donau

27.07.2017 – 16.09.2017

The exhibition shows the plans for the re-naturation and re-design of the Danube river edges in Ingolstadt towards an urban park with a path loop and individual stations. Drawings, models, projections and an audio-visual installation turn the exhibition into an immersive environment, where the unique illuvial places and the suggested interventions can be experienced. Since 2012 Silvia Benedito and Alexander Häusler are working with their office OFICINAA on the project, moderate the strategies with interest groups, citizens and land owners, develop prototypes for the furniture and adjust the design to the changing budgetary constraints of the car manufacturing city, in order to make the implementation in small steps possible.
Together with the exhibition the recently published book “Landscape tunings” showing the project is presented.
Next door at the Pinakothek der Moderne the exhibition “out there – landscape on global terrain” is simultaneously on display, also designed by OFICINAA.



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