Kleider machen Orte

Studio Anna Heringer . Responsive Design

07.12.2018 – 10.01.2019

The clothes we wear and the textiles we use every day influence spaces and lifestyles through the way they are made. Didi Textiles from Studio Anna Heringer, Veronika Lang and Dipshikha are designed for decentralised production in the villages of Bangladesh, offering free and humane living conditions and habitats for the people. In local textile tradition, Didi Textiles are made from old Shari blankets with their vibrant and colourful textured surfaces, reflecting the stories of the families who created them. In Ethiopia, Responsive Design works with architects and designers to explore the culture of weaving to bring it to new applications in fashion, architecture and design. Demand-oriented, social and innovative designs from local materials support traditional weavers, promote an independent young creative scene and establish an international exchange. These projects in Bangladesh and Ethiopia are inspiration for how to create high quality and meaningful products from recycled and limited materials with creativity, time and local resources.