INFRASTRUKTUREN – Places of Technology in Munich

20.07.2018 – 22.07.2018

Architekturgalerie München im BUNKER, Blumenstrasse 22, 80331 München
2–5 pm

Infrastructures, technology, places of transformation – what seems to be only technical, is usually accepted without criticism and often overlooked, has become the object of a photographic examination of students at the Chair of Theory and History of Architecture, Art and Design, TUM, on the basis of 30 infrastructure objects. Where photography goes beyond the depiction of what is superficially visible, it becomes a means of exploring the stories, possibilities and heterogeneous states of these spaces. The photographers of the picture series do not look at things unbiased – they research, open up discussion, take a position.
Seminar instructors: Doris Hallama und Fotografin Isabel Mühlhaus.

Photographs by: Nora Blattmann, Johannes Bohn, Liyan Cai, Lorena Cirillo, Jakob Deffner, Philine Faßbender, Samuel Frank, Max Gicklhorn, Paul Haas, Regina Hofbauer, Sebastian Hofer, Nina Hofmann, Luisa Holm, Johanna Holz, Robin Host, Franziska Kulinski, Franziska Ibold, Maximilian Jost, Lars Kumpfert, David Kupka, Max Lieser, Sara Lipponer, Theresa Mayr, Sophia Miebach, Peter Rait, Maria Rau, Philip Schneider, Verena Sepp, Lilly Thomas, Laurids Trapp, Daniela Ulrich, Sebastian von Rosen



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