gemeinsam wohnen planen

H2R Architekten und Stadtplaner

20.09.2018 – 02.11.2018

Living space in Munich is scarce and is becoming increasingly unaffordable. This is one of the reasons why new forms of housing are constantly being created, such as building cooperatives and communities whose members attach particular importance to common and ecological aspects and who already want to be included in the planning process. In the last 30 years H2R Architects has realised more than 1100 apartments. Almost 500 of these were constructed with the extensive participation of the future residents or are about to be completed. With the project “Baugemeinschaft Schwabing Hoch Vier” at Ackermannbogen, the exhibition focuses on the participatory, lengthy, complicated but in many respects worthwhile process of constructing a residential building with a total of 56 individual residential units and four different architectural offices.



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