“Es gibt keine geraden Linien in einer gekrümmten Welt”

09.09.2023 – 14.10.2023

In his series ‘Steel Paintings’ Sebastian Gumpinger deals in detail with materiality and gesture. The line is the focus of his artistic work. He is concerned with the representation of an essence of form and gesture in space. Dynamic compositions result from an apparently intertwined structure of superimposed metal bands. The impression of writing can arise, but evaporates in the next moment.
Using a unique technique, Gumpinger achieves the illusion of object-like three-dimensionality and depth. On polished steel or copper plates he mills lines of different thicknesses with an angle grinder. In doing so, he follows an inner idea that is implemented in this one moment with an intuitive rhythm fed by experience. As the work progresses, the jigsaw is used.

Sebastian Gumpinger
untitled, 2022
Acryl auf Aluminium
190 x 97 cm
Bildrechte: Sebastian Gumpinger

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