FORUM 055: Eli Singalovski. Sunbreakers

A cabinet exhibition

31.03.2023 – 30.07.2023

As in many other countries, Brutalism and an expressive use of exposed concrete dominated Israeli architecture from the 1950s to the late 1970s. Today, many of the buildings from this period are viewed critically or with a certain amount of disdain by the general public, and as a result are threatened with demolition. The Israeli photographer and media artist Eli Singalovski has taken on the task of photographically capturing the raw beauty and richness of form of these buildings in Munich’s twin city Be’er Sheva as well as in other cities in Israel. The utopian founding spirit combined with the concrete aesthetic in the construction of Israel is omnipresent in his photographs.
Eli Singalovski is a fellow in the Artist in Residence Munich programme at Ebenböckhaus Landeshauptstadt München from January to March 2023.

Raffi Hall, Eli Singalovski, 2014

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