Can you tell me a joke?

Eine Ausstellung der ehemaligen Klasse Pitz über die »Versprechen« von KI

30.11.2023 – 22.12.2023

Works by:
Carmen Arias, Rebekka Feicht, Jonas Augustin Mann, Alexandra Müller, Hermann Pitz, Magdalena Rödl, Sonia Titel, Luis Weiland und Georg Weyerer

A magical, dark underwater world fills ERES Projects at Theresienstrasse 48, where Anne Duk Hee Jordan presents her new work in Munich, conceived especially for this location. Born in Korea in 1978, the artist studied at the Institute for Spatial Experiments in Berlin and was a master student of Olafur Eliasson. She lets visitors dive into the depths of the ocean, which is populated by fantastic creatures and microscopic phytoplankton. Black light gives the installation a theatrical, unreal atmosphere that conveys a feeling of disorientation and weightlessness. It invites us to change our usual perspective and look up from below, like divers up to the surface of the water. Jordan is a diver herself. In her artistic work, she designs immersive landscapes to which she adds further dimensions through kinetic elements, the calculated movement of visitors and acoustic stimuli. In this way, she directs the focus to an ecosystem beyond human perception.


Theresienstr. 48
80333 München

Opening hours

Thu+Fri 2–6 pmand by appointment