BKV-Prize 2019 for Young Applied Arts

19.04.2019 – 18.05.2019

The BKV Prize for young Applied Arts was offered for the first time in 2006 and has been awarded for the thirteenth time this year.
98 entries were received from 20 countries.The evaluation process was held in two stages: a photo jury followed by an object jury. Works by 44 artists were selected for the second jury stage, from which the jury selected three prizewinners, two commendations and 20 finalists.

The Bavarian Crafts Council is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary crafts. A key aspect of its work is supporting young artisans.This prize is therefore aimed at young artisans under 35 years of age who are about to embark on their professional career. The prize is open for entries from all over the world and from all areas of applied arts. Prizes go to works that show excellent design based on fine craftsmanship.

Prize Winners:
1. Samira Goetz, Deutschland, München
2. Hyesun Lee, Korea, Goyang
3. Kun Zhang, Deutschland, Idar-Oberstein
Belobigung: Jeong Won Lee, Korea, Anyang
Belobigung: Franziska Vogt, Deutschland, Landau

Galerieseite: Samira Goetz, Halsschmuck »DWELL Nr. 3«, »Phases & Facades IIX«, »Phases & Facades IX«, 2018, Epoxi-Beton, Baumwollschnur, Fotos: Karina Hagemann

HOME, Slider (detail): Hyesun Lee, Lichtobjekte »Handlighthouse-1«, 2016, »SAMYANG«, 2017, »FLOAT NO 1/0«, 2017, Messing, Teile von Bojen, Foto: Karina Hagemann

HOME, Reihung (detail): Kun Zhang, Brosche »Ohne Titel«, 2018, Chacate Preto, Ebenholz, gesägt, geschliffen, geschmirgelt, geschnitzt, Objekt »Ohne Titel« und Broschen »Ohne Titel«, 2018,
Ebenholz, gesägt, geschliffen, geschmirgelt, geschnitzt, Foto: Karina Hagemann

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