Beyond the Spectacle

Group Exhibition, Live Performances and Online Talks

15.06.2023 – 06.07.2023

Künstler*innen | Artists
Vafa Aminikia, Sandra Bejarano, Veronika Dräxler, Maria Noujaim, Yasmana Pishvaei, Simon Pfeffel, Frauke Zabel, Giulia Zabarella

“Beyond the Spectacle” critically examines the spectrum of performance art, the politics of the spectacle and the positioning of the human body as a central figure and a consumable good in the political, social and cultural conversations. The relationship of spectacle and spectator, observer and observed in art limits the direction and analysis of works in the field to solipsistic, repetitive, and reductive discourse. The exhibition aims to explore alternative spaces by not taking the self, body, performer, or art object for granted as the center of art making or art engagement.
Kuratiert von | Curated by Natasha Jozi


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