Ben Willikens

Inside – Outside

14.05.2019 – 26.07.2019

The focus of the exhibition are new, colorful works by Ben Willikens made of acrylic on canvas. As part of the series ‘Modern Spaces’, they take up existing architectures that deal with the Bauhaus and its influences. So far, Willikens’ deserted, gray interiors have mostly depicted the outside world as dazzling white. In his current works, this white transforms into disintegrated landscapes. This creates a tension between inside and outside. In addition, older silkscreen prints and gouaches on paper dealing with buildings by Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius or J.J.P. Employ oud.

Ben Willikens
Raum 1407, Räume der Moderne, John Pawson, Paros House, Paros
Acryl auf Leinwand
100 x 130 cm, 2019
Foto: Roland Bauer
© VG-Bildkunst courtesy Galerie Carol Johnssen


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