Antonio Sarcinella

21.10.2023 – 18.11.2023

We are very pleased to show a series of works by the Munich painter and musician Antonio Sarcinella for the first time. Sarcinella has been studying painting with Prof. Anke Doberauer at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich since 2017 and will graduate as a master student in February 2024. In his current works he deals with the theme of how the finely calculated use of colors influences and determines our perception of spatial structures, of what could be foreground or background, or what is inside or outside.
At first glance, the pictorial composition of the exhibited series of pictures is conceivably simple. A round arch appears on the vertical-format wooden panels and canvases. Sarcinella dispenses with figurative personnel and other details that might give a clue as to the location or size of this architectural structure. Is this a wall painting or a wall opening that allows a view into an abstract landscape?

Antonio Sarcinella
Arch I, 2023
oil on wood, 90 x 60 cm ©️Antonio Sarcinella

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