Angelika Huber, Edda Jachens, Fiene Scharp

Drei Positionen aktueller Kunst

19.01.2024 – 13.04.2024

Angelika Huber was born in 1977 in Linz, Upper Austria.
She lives and works in Nuremberg, Germany.
Analog display boards are disappearing more and more from our pub-
lic spaces. Discarded by airports and train stations, in Angelika Huber’s
work they are stripped of their original function and given a new form of
visibility. Her approach is as diverse as it is surprising. Sometimes she us-
es letters or mirrors that race past on the rattling sheets, or a veritable
spectacle of color unfolds through the use of colorful feathers.
The new works shown in the exhibition explore the handling of physical-
ity; the shifting of corpus and contours. Placed in white boxes, the bod-
ies adapt to the white wall. There are small openings from which the
movement becomes visible, seemingly pushing outwards a little, taking up space on the outside.
Edda Jachens was born in 1960 in Bremen, Germany. She
lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.
Edda Jachens, whose concrete formal language has developed over
time, is showing a comprehensive compilation of her powerful
watercolors for the first time in this exhibition.
“In my most recent group of works, the watercolors, I work with very fine
layers. While the compositions of the first works only consist of very few,
light applications of color, in the newer watercolors I aim for a maximum
number of overlays. A particular fascination for me is that by adding
wafer-thin strips of color, by continuously making changes that are ini-
tially barely noticeable, the work ultimately achieves a vehemence that
goes far beyond the mere addition of individual elements. Something
powerful is created, a symphonic harmony of the many individual com-
ponents as well as a condensation that individual, delicate glazes of watercolor paint initially do not reveal.“ Edda Jachens
Fiene Scharp was born in 1984 in Berlin, where she lives and works.
Fiene Scharp creates her delicate paper cuts from found or self-con-
structed grids. She uses a scalpel to cut out the white spaces between
the lines or puts elements together to form new grids. In the exhibition
they are mounted behind glass in classic picture frames, but also in com-
pact acrylic glass boxes. In these boxes, the paper cuts are in multiple
layers and staggered one behind the other, separated from each other
by acrylic glass panes. The broken regularity and rhythms of the result-
ing three-dimensional structures allow associations with facades, archi-
tecture, systems and cells.
The selection in the “Greetings from…” series is based on antiquarian
postcards from current crisis areas, which originally show tourist views.
Fiene Scharp cuts a grid into the papers and loosens the cut-out gaps
between the grids, creating like this fragile grids. Architecture and pano-
ramas of the earlier postcard motifs are deconstructed to the point of
being made unrecognizable, thus pointing to the vulnerability and disoluti0n of places.



Angelika Huber, Edda Jachens, Fiene Scharp

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