revalue / III. Part

12.05.2021 – 19.06.2021

Klaus vom Bruch
Philipp Gufler
Zafos Xagoraris

The third and last installment of the r e v a l u e series, will show three artists, who have been part of the gallery programme for well over ten years: Klaus vom Bruch, Philipp Gufler, and Zafos Xagoraris. At first glance, their works seem very different, yet, they all critically examine historical processes and patterns of perception. The works stand out because to their ability to renegotiate the already known. It is due to their skilful processing methods why archive material, screen and standard prints, slogans or poetry become photographs, quilts, drawings, paintings and collages. At the same time, the video works “The Virus Diary”, created during the pandemic by Klaus vom Bruch, will be directly projected at the gallery‘s display window.
In the exhibition space itself, our mirror reflection is captured for a brief moment by a silver silk screen created by Philipp Gufler, and we ask ourselves: was this just a shadow or are we becoming a part of this story? Next to it, we find a quilt about Kirsten Nilsson made by Philipp Gufler, which is joined by the lascivious work “In the Future all Humans will be Female” by Klaus vom Bruch. The second work by Klaus vom Bruch in the same space, “Beam me up, Scotty”, on the other hand, revolves around challenging topics such as Christianity and Religion.
Another quilt by Philip Gufler is about Magnus Hirschfeld, a medical doctor and sexologist prosecuted in the Third Reich, welcomes us in the downstairs exhibition area. Here, the quilt meets Zafos Xagoraris’ drawings, which came into being through his intensive analysis and examination of periscopes, speakers, lighthouses ,bells.,and sound installations. This endeavour led later to the welcome message at the documenta 14, which we could see and hear at the former Kassel train station as well as to the performance “Our Great Circus” as part of the NEON City Projects Athens. Two small works by Zafos Xagoraris are reminiscent of this performance, whose source is a project from 1973, when a theatre piece acted successfully as an instance of cultural resistance against the junta.
In their very own way, all works circulate around the past and its images – they want to get as close as possible and elicit perspectives appropriate for today, make peace with it from time to time and still not abandon its stubborn- and rebelliousness.

Klaus vom Bruch
Beam me up, Scotty, 2005
Diasec on Dibond Aluminium
128 x 124 cm 2/4



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