May 2019

20. May

RESPONSIVE DESIGN ETHIOPIA – Black Lion Hospital, Addis Abeba

19:00 – 21:00

Vortrag und get together
Nicola Borgmann Architekturgalerie München
Wolfgang Amann Salesforce

The renovation of the oncological children's ward of the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa Ethiopia is the result of a teaching and research project at the Faculty of Architecture of Addis Ababa University. German designers and architects have guided the students to projects that are meaningful, sustainable and responsive to the needs of society in Addis Ababa. The students were specifically looking for places in the Ethiopian capital where they could improve people's lives through design. The Black Lion Hospital is the largest state hospital in Ethiopia from the 1960s and is in a structurally desolate state. For the children with cancer, who had previously been at high risk of infection in the general children's ward, a building wing was renovated, equipped with new luminaires and designed with paint and painting. Curtains were designed against the strong sunlight, which were produced by local weavers, as were blankets. The blankets are embroidered with motifs drawn together with the little patients. The project was financed by donations, planned and organised on a voluntary basis and realised with Ethiopian craftsmen, German volunteers from the company Salesforce and students from the Faculty of Architecture at Addis Ababa University. The parents and the nursing staff were deliberately involved in the implementation in order to ensure a long-term preservation of the rehabilitated condition through this participatory approach.