October 2022

08. October

BLING BLING – Ein Schmuck-Workshop


10:00 – 18:00

"I started out as a traditional silversmith but over my twenty year long practice of making jewellery I have always had a big interest in working with alternative materials. Epoxy glue is a perfect materials for creating interesting surfaces on top of metal or on materials like wood, found objects or clay. I will demonstrate how to encrust a piece with for example crushed stone, sand or glitter, how to cover a surface with colours or patterns and also how to make small castings from epoxy glue. I use epoxy glue in different ways in every single piece that I create and it is my one favourite material because of its versatile and transformative properties. I will share all the little tricks that I know and show demos of the different ways I use glue in my work. I will also demonstrate how to attach metal brooch backs, chain and earring posts to alternative materials.”

More information: diefaerberei.de.
Application: oe_werkstatt@kjr-m.de