November 2022

19. November

BELLEPARAIS Salon – Gregor Hübner

19:00 – 22:00

The Loop Sessions: Gregor Hübner, Violine, Looper

The Loop Sessions are a fascinating series of concerts created by the New York jazz violinist. Here the stage belongs to him alone, his violin and a loop machine. The looper, as the recorder is also called, records sequences that have just sounded, can play them back from the beginning countless times, superimpose them and add new sequences. In this way, it can also handle the soloist's reaction to his own playing and at the same time turns him into the DJ of his own performance. Distributed on different sound tracks, an interplay of sounds is created, which are indebted to the reaction to the reaction to the reaction and to the reaction and so on. Again, again and again, but never just again. At the end there remains the astonishment to see still only a soloist, his instrument and a recording device on the stage instead of a whole orchestra. Some friends of BELLEPARAIS might still remember the brilliant evening of 2020. Let's do it again!
Be welcome and please consider the soloists generously with donations here at the venue.