Sonja Braas

The Other Day

08.06.2022 – 03.09.2022

„Sonja Braas’s (born 1968 in Siegen, Germany) photographs transport viewers into ambiguous, evocative, surreal environments. Landscape and nature—wild, tamed, or manufactured—are Braas’s prime subjects, approached in viscerally charged pictures that depict nature as it unfurls in abstracted splendor.
Central to Braas’s work is the artist’s self-described interest in “the genesis of perception, its causes and consequences, particularly in the definition of self and Other.” She is interested in subtle changes of perception, whether naturally or artificially induced, and, most importantly, in the role that images, and particularly photographs, play. Few artists have been able to capture landscapes with the same elegance, force, precision, and sense of abandonment and create astounding reproductions of untamable, unpredictable, and, therefore, unknowable nature. Braas sees with the eye of a photographer, a sculptor, a painter, an architect, a philosopher.” 
- Diana Edkins

The images of the series “The Other Day” (2021) appear to invite the sentimental gaze we have reserved for looking at nature. It is a view born from our comfortable melancholy about the changes nature is undergoing and the nostalgia for better times past. We mourn the loss of our romantic ideals– from sublime, untouched and awe-inspiring nature to the peaceful scenes of pastoral landscapes still celebrating the dominion of mankind over nature.

Sonja Braas
the Other Day III, 2021
Pigment print
140 x 105 cm
Edition of 5 + 2 AP
ildrechte: Sonja Braas

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