Jenny Brosinski

then somewhere

20.05.2022 – 21.06.2022

Jenny Brosinski is a German artist who works with abstract positions of manual painting in field of contemorary art. Appearing in an easily and sloppy aesthetic, she creates large mixed media paintings. Her process orientated approach lets us participate in her studio experience. She uses her fascination for materials, incompleteness and failure to create paintings which are often compared to calligraphic aesthetics, Écriture automatique or children’s mark-making. Her works are typically light and pure, portraying incompleteness. While using her intuitive process, Brosinski reveals abstract shapes, playful text and gestural strokes in a fast, automatic feel.
Jenny Brosinski has received both her bachelor and masters degrees from Weissensee Academy of Art, Berlin and she has exhibited in many countries around the world, including UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Australia and USA.
Her works have been acquired by renowned public and private Collections like the MMCA National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (KOR, the Public Collection of the City of Gothenburg (SWE), the Sammlung Wemhöner (GER), the Sammlung Flick (GER), the Bech Risvig Collection (DK), the Kai Loebach Collection (USA), the Ernesto Esposito Collection (IT) and the Hannecart Collection (BE).

Jenny Brosinski
Untitled, 2022
mixed media on paper
48 x 33 cm
Bildrechte: Knust Kunz Gallery Editions